CoP Control Plan

Since the update of the “Implementation Rules” in 2014, a so-called “CoP Control Plan” must be submitted for CCC certification. CoP stands for “Conformity of Production” and means that components and processes comply with Chinese regulations. The CoP Control Plan is a Chinese authority form to be completed at the plant.

The “CoP Control Plan” contains information on materials, components and production processes. It should absolutely comply with the latest version of the documents “List of Key Components” and “Product Description Form”. It must also be completed in full and submitted to the Chinese authorities. SinoCert advises you in the run-up to your certification and supports you in drawing up and submitting your “CoP Control Plan”.

You can tell whether your existing CCC certificates are issued according to the old or the new Implementation Rules by the year after the CNCA number. The year 2005 stands for the old regulations, 2014 for the new ones. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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