CCC for Automotive

The CCC certification of vehicles and vehicle parts is particularly complex. SinoCert is specialised in this dynamic economic sector and accompanies you as a competent and experienced partner. We check the certification obligation of your product, clarify for you within which framework auditing is necessary and estimate the costs for you.

The certification obligation for vehicle parts was significantly expanded in 2015. Whether a component is subject to mandatory certification or a rejection letter must be carefully examined. In case of doubt, we will contact the Chinese authorities so that your product can be imported to China as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

SinoCert checks for you which CCC certifications are necessary in detail and prepares all documents. We organise and coordinate not only your own certification, but also that of your suppliers. As a comprehensive service provider, we accompany all certification processes from the application, through trials, the factory audit, to the issue of certificates and the coordination of the CCC logo layout. We not only keep an eye on the current CCC standards for you, but are always one step ahead thanks to our good contact to the Chinese authorities.



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