Our Service

SinoCert is a specialist provider of CCC certifications with particular expertise in the automotive and electrical industry. Numerous car manufacturers, suppliers and electrical companies have been awarded their CCC certificates through SinoCert. SinoCert is also your best choice of partner when applying for the Chinese Energy Label, VSCC Certification and Energy Conservation Certification..

Your advantages

A personal contact for your project

Upon conclusion of the contract, an expert from SinoCert will be available to assist you individually with your certification project. This expert deals with CCC regulations and documentation for you and ensures compliance with all project-relevant deadlines. We process your request very promptly with detailed solution proposals that are tailored to your project.

Optimized machining processes: fast and effective

Many years of experience enable SinoCert to design optimized machining processes in order to achieve a timely and smooth certification for your company.

Unexpected events can cost you a lot of time and money. Your strong partner SinoCert clears the way for you through planned action and competent communication with the Chinese authorities.

Cost transparency

For your project, we offer you a transparent cost structure with a detailed listing of all cost items.

As a result, sudden price increases or additional costs can be excluded from the outset.

If we accompany your product over a longer period of time, the costs for the follow-up audit are significantly lower. As a result, you can save money with SinoCert! Your loyalty pays off!

Trustful collaboration

The area of CCC certification is a complex system that is constantly changing. Proximity to the Chinese market and the Chinese authorities enables SinoCert to provide you with capable advice, support and audit accompaniment throughout this complex process.

In doing so, SinoCert attaches great importance to trustful collaboration, in which we stand out by means of transparency, information and clear facts. As a customer, you will be able to accurately track and understand the nature and scope of each of our steps during certification of your product.

CCC-Certification Service packages:

SinoCert offers various service packages for CCC certifications. They range from solutions for preparing the CCC documents to communication with the Chinese authorities as well as onsite consultations and emergency support.

In addition to the four packages suggested below, we will of course be glad to respond to your special situations and requests and to create individual packages. Contact us!

The Welcome service package (free of charge!)

Your first request will be processed for you free of charge:

  • For example, we would be glad to check for you whether your products are subject to CCC. For the first request of a vehicle part, there is no charge for this service.
  • We will be happy to answer your questions about the often complex CCC regulations.
  • If you would like to find out more about the Chinese market in general, we will be happy to advise you.

The Standard service package

  • Preparation of the application documents
  • Definition of the test sample
  • Laboratory test of the test sample
  • Settlement of payments
  • Organization and support of the factory audit
  • Receipt of the certificate

The Premium service package

  • CCC training
  • Preparation of the application documents
  • Definition of the test sample
  • Settlement of payments
  • Pre-audit
  • Organization of the audit team and accompaniment of the factory audit
  • Receipt of the certificate
  • Preparation of the follow-up audit

The Fast-Track service package

  • Extension of the certificate
  • Expansion of the certificate
  • Change of the certificate



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