SRRC Certification

SRRC is the wireless transmission certificate issued in China by the State Radio Regulatory Commission.

SRRC is mandatory certification for wireless products sold and used in China. Equipment and appliances that have radio transmitting functions like WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, radar and broadcasting, etc. must apply for SRRC type approval. SRRC will issue the type approval certificate after the product passes testing and will assign a CMIIT (China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) number for the model.

General information for SRRC certification:

  • Mandatory certification for wireless products sold in China
  • Testing must be conducted in China in accredited labs
  • The certificate is valid for 5 years (can be extended)
  • No factory inspection required
  • No local representative needed


Module approval is applicable for SRRC. An end product using the approved module can exempt some testing if the module is operated independently.

SRRC modular approval products
Household appliance Office equipment Not applicable
Household light Laptop Electronic organ
Refrigerator Printer Balance car
Washing machine Scanner Bluetooth headset
TV Digital camera Router
Dish-washing machine Robot Gateway
Oven Projector Medical apparatus
Air conditioning equipment Copying machine Others
Air purifier Desktop
Sweeping robot Keyboard
TV Set Top Box Mouse
Water heater Paper shredder
Inductive door Barcode scanner
Electronic scale Tablet PC
Patch board Video recorder
Bathroom accessory Server
Bread maker
Soybean milk machine
Music center
Bluetooth speaker


SRRC process

Generally, SRRC as type approval means each model needs to apply for SRRC certification. However, for certain products, if multiple models use the same RF module, serial certification is applicable.

SRRC requires local testing in China in accredited labs. Manufacturers need to send test samples to China for testing. We can help in customs clearance for test samples if needed. Test sample requirements can be found below. If the end product is too big to send or it is not possible to set test parameters, you can send modules with a test board. We can help you set up testing on-site to support the test.

Test sample preparation:

  • Conducting testing on test samples is required: You can use an SMA connector cable to connect with a spectrum analyzer

    Or use a test board to setup the parameters
  • Make sure the test sample can send signals continuously
  • Frequency/channels should be changeable by commands or software
  • Carrier wave mode must be tested
  • Provide the antenna gain


Common test items:

  • Frequency range
  • EIRP (equivalent isotropic radiated power)
  • Maximum power spectral density
  • Frequency tolerance
  • Occupied bandwidth
  • Stray emission


SRRC has some special test set-ups for different RF functions like WLAN, Bluetooth, WCDMA, etc.

WLAN product SRRC test requirements

Test items:

  • Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
  • Maximum power spectral density
  • Frequency tolerance
  • Frequency range
  • Occupied bandwidth
  • Spurious emission
  • If the equipment supports the 5250-5350 MHz frequency band emission, DFS items shall be tested.


Frequency and test reference Mode Channel Bandwidth Rate Antenna no.
802.11b 2412MHz 20MHz 1Mbps/11Mbps N
802.11b 2472MHz 20MHz 1Mbps/11Mbps N
2400-2483.5MHz 802.11g 2412MHz 20MHz 6Mbps/54Mbps N
信部无2002【353】号 802.11g 2472MHz 20MHz 6Mbps/54Mbps N
ETSI 300 328 802.11n 2412MHz 20MHz (65*N)Mbps N
802.11n 2472MHz 20MHz (65*N)Mbps N
802.11n HT40 2422MHz 40MHz (135*N)Mbps N
802.11n HT40 2462MHz 40MHz (135*N)Mbps N
802.11a 5180MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
5150-5250MHz 802.11n 5180MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
工信部无函【2012】620号 802.11n HT40 5190MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
ETSI 301 893 802.11ac 5210MHz 80MHz (29.3*N)Mbps N
802.11ac 视发射情况而定 80+80MHz (58.5*N)Mbps N
802.11ac 5250MHz 160MHz (58.5*N)Mbps N
5250-5350MHz 802.11a 5320MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
工信部无函【2012】620号 802.11n 5320MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
ETSI 301 893 802.11n HT40 5310MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
802.11ac 5290MHz 80MHz (29.3*N)Mbps N
802.11a 5745MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
802.11a 5825MHz 20MHz 6Mbps N
5725-5850MHz 802.11n 5745MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
信部无2002【277】号 802.11n 5825MHz 20MHz (6.5*N)Mbps N
ETSI 302 502 802.11n HT40 5755MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
802.11n HT40 5815MHz 40MHz (13.5*N)Mbps N
802.11ac 5775MHz 80MHz (29.3*N)Mbps N
Carrier wave is tested beside the channels above

How we can help in SRRC certification?

We can help you with SRRC certification to make it easy for you.

  • Prepare documents
  • Translate English into Chinese for free
  • Verify frequencies to be used in China
  • Verify test commands
  • Set-up tests
  • On-site support during testing
  • Pre-test (if required)
  • Customs clearance for test samples
  • Follow-up services like certificate extension
  • Keep up contact with SRRC for market survey


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