CCC/S&E Label

For the following products, for example, the CCC/S&E label is required:

IT devices: (Test standards GB4943, GB9254, GB17625.1.)
Small computers, laptops, battery chargers, computer monitors, computer printers, multifunction devices, copy and print function, scanners, etc.

Audio and video equipment: (Test standards GB8898, GB13837, GB17625.1.)
Electric pianos, audio amplifiers, video recorders, power adapters for audio/video devices, electric resonators with one or more loudspeakers with max. sound power of 500 W (effective value), etc.

Household appliances: (Test standards GB4706, GB4343, GB17625.)
Irons, dry and steam irons for domestic use and similar purposes, electric rice cookers, electric kettles, electric cooking pots, boilers, milk heaters, tea cookers, coffee machines, kettles, microwave ovens, fans, ceiling fans, etc.

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