CQC certification

The CQC (China Quality Certification Center) is responsible for both mandatory (CCC) and voluntary (CQC) certification.

CQC certification (Voluntary CQC Mark Certification) is for imported and Chinese products, which are not subject to the CCC obligation, is similar to “traditional” CCC certification and also takes about 3-4 months. The CQC certificate is issued after passing the factory audit and successfully completing laboratory tests. In addition, the certificate number is entered in the database of the customs authority, which thus confirms that the imported goods comply in the same way as with the CCC requirements.

Should mandatory certification arise for the product in the future, a CCC certificate can be applied for relatively easily on the basis of the CQC certificate.

Initial CQC certification procedure

CQC certification follows a specified procedure. The duration of the process depends on the product or the location of the plant. Initial certification takes 3 to 4 months. You can save time and unnecessary costs with the correct classification of your product, time-optimized process planning and careful preparation of product tests and factory audits.

  1. The certification application to the Chinese authority
    The certification application must be submitted to the Chinese authority together with other CQC documents (e.g. product description, “Factory Questionnaire”, “CoP Control Plan”…). Based on these documents, the planning for the factory audit begins. According to the technical data in the documents, the authority shall determine the number of test samples. Samples must then be sent to an accredited laboratory in China.Duration: A processing time of one week is to be expected.
  2. Product tests in accredited laboratories in China
    The test samples can be sent to the laboratory in China as a whole or cut to size. It is important that the samples are sent on time and with the corresponding documents. Customs duties must also be taken into account so that the components can be released without problems and there are no unnecessary delays. The tests are conducted in China according to GB standards (“Guo Biao” – Chinese national safety standards).Duration: Depending on the product, a processing time of 2 to 4 weeks is to be expected.
  3. The factory audit by Chinese auditors
    The factory audit for the initial certification takes place on site at your production site. It is conducted by Chinese auditors. If you have passed the factory audit, a follow-up audit is carried out annually. You will find more information under “Initial and follow-up audit”.Audit duration: Usually 2 to 3 days, depending on the product category.
  4. Review of test results and audit
    The review of the audit results and the test results by the Chinese authority takes about 2-3 weeks. Only then will the certification authority release the certificate. Complaints by the Chinese authorities should be avoided at all costs, as a new application after the defects have been remedied entails additional costs and waiting times. SinoCert will accompany you during this complex process.
  5. Issue of the CQC certificate:
    After successful factory audit and laboratory tests, the CQC certificate is issued. In addition, the certificate number is entered in the CQC database, which confirms that the imported goods are CQC-certified.


Initial audit and follow-up audit

If a plant does not yet possess a CQC certificate, initial certification must be carried out with an initial factory audit by 2 Chinese auditors. An initial audit usually takes 2-3 days, depending on the product category.

The following production conditions are checked by the Chinese auditors:

  • Does the quality system comply with CQC regulations?
  • Are the products manufactured in accordance with the samples previously tested in the Chinese product test?
  • Is the plant equipped with the necessary production and test facilities?
  • Do the employees have the appropriate qualifications to carry out the tests?


Even if you have already received a CQC certificate, successfully exported to China, your plant will continue to be inspected regularly. The follow-up audit is carried out annually by local organizations representing the Chinese authorities. This usually takes the auditor 1 to 1.5 days in your plant.
The procedure is similar to that of the initial audit and is intended to check whether the conditions for the CQC certificate are still met. The follow-up audit is a prerequisite for the maximum validity of the CQC certificates of 5 years.

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