“Printing Permission” is no longer required.

Since March 20, 2018 the “Printing Permission” is no longer required.

After double-check with CNCA (the supervisory authority of certification companies) it is confirmed that CCAP and CQC will no more issue the so-called Printing Permission.

The following old rule applied until now:

  • Manufacturers have to apply for a “Printing Permission” after receiving certificates, so that they can deliver products with the CCC-logo accordingly.

According to the latest announcement (No. 10) of CNCA, from March 20, 2018 on, the following new regulation should apply:

  • The “Printing Permission” is cancelled.
  • In addition, the letter “s” (for safety) in CCC-logo should be omitted as well. However, existent logos with “s” can still be used until being replaced.

For further questions regarding the logo layout/design in accordance with CCC-rules please feel free to contact us.