New CN-National Standards issued – Must-do no later than 2023.6.30

In Announcement No. 12/2022, published on August 31, 2022, the Chinese authorities (State Administration for Market Regulation in conjunction with Standardization Administration of China) approved and issued 3 compulsory GBs (National Standard of the People’s Republic of China): GB16897-2022, GB19239-2022, and GB41847-2022.

For the new test regulation GB16897-2022 (Brake hose — Structure, performance and test methods) the following applies:

The implementation date of GB16897-2022 (Brake hose — Structure, performance and test methods) starts from 2023.01.01.

The existing CN-Voluntary certificates with GB16897-2010 must be updated by 2023.06.30.

Also, the corresponding tests must be carried out in Chinese laboratories.

The 4 relevant brake hoses:

  • Hydraulic Brake Hose Assembly
  • Rubber Air Brake Hose Assembly
  • Vacuum Brake Hose Assembly
  • Plastic Air Brake Hose Assembly


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