Issue of CCC-Certificate

The CCC certificate:

After successful factory audit and laboratory tests, the CCC certificate is issued.

In addition, the certificate number is entered in the database of the customs authority, which confirms that the imported goods are CCC-certified.

The logo layout:

As an external sign that the CCC certification has been successfully completed, a logo is affixed to the product before export.

You have the following options for CCC marking:

  • Injection moulding (insertion in tool)
  • Laser
  • Labels (self-printed)
  • Embossing (directly on component)
  • Engraving

It is also possible to mark the components with regular hologram labels (standard size CCC mark). These standard labels can be obtained directly from the authorities. They are available in different sizes: 8mm, 15mm, 30mm, 45mm and 60mm. The price of these labels depends on the quantity purchased.

Dimension No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5
A (mm) 8 15 30 45 60
A1 (mm) 7.5 14 28 42 56
B (mm) 6.3 11.8 23.5 35.3 47
B1(mm) 5.8 10.8 21.5 32.3 43

It is advisable to think about the type and size of the CCC marking in advance and where the marking is to be applied to the component. If the marking on the component has to be changed later, additional costs will be incurred.

„Printing Permission“

Since 20 March 2018, the Printing Permission (Printing / Pressing Irregular-Size CCC Mark) no longer applies. After the certificate has been issued, your factory can determine the form of the logo layout in consultation with the customer and the Chinese authority and attach it to the certified product.

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