In certain special cases, you can apply for exemptions for products subject to CCC. But there are also certain customs rules and regulations to be observed. The exemption from the certification requirement must be applied for each type of product separately in the Chinese language. We shall be pleased to check for you if your product can be considered as one of these special cases:

1. Use
For products that are in principle subject to certification, special permits can be granted on the basis of the following uses:

  • for research or laboratory testing purposes
  • for producing export goods in the sense of contract manufacturing, if the manufactured products are then to leave China again
  • for testing and assembly of imported systems, machines or plant
  • one-off deliveries in the SPP program (special processing program). The SPP program is used, amongst other things, for products where certification is not possible due to certain deviations from the Chinese to the European standard.

2. Exhibits:
In principle, exhibits can be imported without a CCC certificate.

3. Parent products
If a complete plant (parent product) is not subject to CCC, but contains components, which by themselves are seen to be subject to CCC, then no CCC must be presented for the complete system and the installed components. This only applies if the plant as a whole is to be shipped. This can either be built up or knocked down according to a packing list.

We shall be pleased to advise you whether an application for granting an exemption holds any chance of success in your specific case. Simply get in touch with us via our contact page »