CNCA Announcement No. 31/2014

Announcement on Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Motor Vehicles and Safety Accessories

With the “CNCA-Announcement No. 31/ 2014” the following CCC implementation rules were published. These were then effective from the 1st January 2015 and replace the existing implementation rules. For all new products included in the rules there therefore now exists a certificate obligation from the 1st January 2016 pertaining to their export to China.

The documentation for all existing certificates must be amended according to the new implementation rules by 31st December 2016. Certificates that do not meet the given criteria by this date will be temporarily suspended. On expiry all current certificates must also be amended to meet the new implementation rules.

The modifications on the scope of implementation rules are made as follows:

  1. “Rear marking board for motor vehicles” is added in “exterior lighting and light-signal device for motor vehicles”;
  2. New Interior trimming parts in “some passenger compartment, driving cab, luggage compartment and engine room”  are added in “interior trimming material of vehicles”;
  3. Due to the change of standard name, “rear mirrors of motor vehicles” is changed to “indirect vision device for motor vehicles”, and the scope is adjusted accordingly.

The new “CCC Implementation Rules”:

  1. CNCA-C11-01: 2014 Vehicles
  2. CNCA-C11-02: 2014 Motor cycles
  3. CNCA-C11-03: 2014 Engines of motor cycles
  4. CNCA-C11-04: 2014 Safety belts of vehicles
  5. CNCA-C11-05: 2014 Horn for motor vehicles
  6. CNCA-C11-06: 2014 Braking hose for motor vehicles
  7. CNCA-C11-07: 2014 Exterior lighting and light-signal device for motor vehicles
  8. CNCA-C11-08: 2014 Indirect vision device for motor vehicles
  9. CNCA-C11-09: 2014 Interior trimming material of vehicles
  10. CNCA-C11-10: 2014 Door lock and door retention components of vehicles
  11. CNCA-C11-11: 2014 Fuel tank for vehicles
  12. CNCA-C11-12: 2014 Seats and head restraints for vehicles
  13. CNCA-C11-13: 2014 Reflecting signs of vehicle body
  14. CNCA-C11-14: 2014 Vehicle travelling data recorder