China Energy Label

Since March 1, 2005, all products listed in the energy catalogue must be registered at the certification body and receive a CEL (China Energy Label) before they are launched on the Chinese market. If products are imported without registration, delivery will be withheld by Chinese customs. Currently, the compulsory catalogue comprises 35 product types.

Since it was introduced, the Chinese authorities have continually extended the catalogue of all product groups which have to be labelled. As more and more goods are being added all the time, it is important to have the most up-to-date information available at all times. SinoCert will examine for you whether your product falls under the CEL-marking label requirement.

Should you require a CEL, we will accompany you through the complicated set of rules which consists of documents and deadlines. We will advise you about all formalities, in the planning and performance of your product tests in the laboratory and handle the correspondence with the Chinese authorities for you. Good contacts to all responsible and relevant departments and long-term experience will ensure fast and smooth processing of your labelling process.

We shall be pleased to advise you, whether your product needs a CEL certificate and settle all formalities for you. Simply get in touch with us via our contact page.

For the following products, for example, the CEL label is required:

Automatic electric rice cookers, small computers, electromagnetic products for domestic use, copiers, printers and fax machines, projectors, screens, adapters, servers, etc.

Relevant standards: GB 28380, GB21521, GB 20943, GB32028

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