Change Management

The granting of a CCC certificate by the Chinese authorities represents a snapshot. For example, if there are changes to your previously certified product or changes to company information, you are obliged to inform the Chinese authorities without being asked. The necessary amendments must be reported in good time prior to the implementation of a change.

The consequences of a change can range from a simple change confirmation to a new product certification. The timely information of the authorities and the observance of all prescribed procedures are decisive for the CCC certificate to remain valid. We are happy to support you with changes to your product. We determine whether and to what extent the change has consequences and accompany you through this process. Just get in touch with us!

The SinoCert team will advise you and accelerate the approval process for your current adaptation:

  • Changes to the material, composition and structure of your product
  • Changes to an essential component of the component (key components)
  • Changes in product components and suppliers
  • Change of company / company address
  • Updating of regulations such as safety standards and implementation regulations (GB standards (Guo Biao = Chinese national safety standards) and implementation rules)

CCC certificates must always refer to the current “GB Standards” and “Implementation Rules”. Without the timely amendment, existing CCC certificates may be temporarily suspended by the Chinese authorities or cancelled by the Chinese authorities if the deadline for change is not met. Therefore, please contact us in good time as soon as you plan product-related or company-related changes. We clarify all formalities for you with the responsible authorities.